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News.Revolution Upgrade, Ninja Updates & Advanced Gold Accumulator

This month, Runescape updates some changes in game, such as revolution upgrade, ninja updates and advanced gold accumulator. Look the details below!


Revolution upgrade

In Revolutionmode, assuming you have enough adrenaline, you can now automatically trigger thresholds and ultimate abilities. You can also adjust the size of the revolutionary window through combat settings, so play it when it appears. And, to ensure balance when fighting monsters in different modes, we increase the average damage done by traditional combat and special attacks.


Ninja update

Halloween spurred some ghostly tricks around Jagex's office. The Ninja team patience as usual, and the collection of updated crack set, always focused on those important trivial matters:

In addition to adding more Level 92 elements to a variety of weapons, Ninjas can improve the way you train for your work, making information on your lucky item more descriptive and changeable. Achievements of your achievements. However, this month's Ninja News is probably about an advanced gold accumulator.


Advanced gold accumulator

Like its predecessors, the advanced gold coin collector will automatically pick up your GP trophy. This is permanent - purchased with a Dungeoneering Token - rather than being downgraded over time, it will charge 10% of all gold picked. If you have killer points, you can also unlock the right to put on your hunter's tool belt!


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