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News.Rainbow's End with Plenty of Prizes

The rainbow has been solved on the Gielinor, bringing with new rares and plenty of prizes to multipliers! We now share the details below. Don't forget to buy RS gold.


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What's the time of Rainbow?

November 22 00:00 to November 27 at 23:59(game time).


Multiplier with the dazzling X7

While opening the Rainbow Box, you can win multiplier tokens and double your rewards for the ultimate promotion to the dazzling X7! This multiplier applies to all the contents of the treasure hunter (except for the multiplier token itself), so upgrade it as much as possible for maximum benefit!


Rainbow-Coloured Rares

You also get brand new rainbow themed prizes, such as themed prizes, the Pot of Gold orb, Rainbow Wand and shiny Rainbow Halo! They are tradeable rare like previous rainbow items - Rainbow Amulet, Cape, Bow and Parasol. If you have not unlocked, you can also get these previous products for this promotion.


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