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News.RS: Player Power Zone Canal City

Hello, Runescapers, do you know about the Canal City? Now, we will tell the details about it!

My idea for the field of player power is to build a city like Venetian Italy where you can walk and stone buildings, as well as buildings between boats and gondolas, as well as connecting many buildings on the sidewalk and many bridges.



If you can add new content on the ground above the ground, you can add some of the square in the square of the underground city entrance , but also in the harbor and the city under the water features and areas, players can do things underwater.

As Rivendon people do not fully trust the outside world, some areas can still be hidden, which can explain the players suggested that the content of open new areas, because Rivendon people began to trust more people.



The new district may be located in the west of Pisato, which may be hidden by magic, which is why no one knows what existed before.

Adding this piece of land could be a perfect opportunity to eventually add sinking ships and bigger treasures to the pursuit of Olaf. The ship may be sunk by the inhabitants of the island, they secretly guard their secrets, only recently realized that their city was in trouble, they needed fresh blood to protect themselves because they had concealed their island's magic has been Affect their ability to have children, they need fresh blood before the next generation of death, so decided to lower their magic hidden, began to welcome strangers out of the need for survival.



Folk use of magic, some xenophobia, fear of outsiders, but if you want to survive and found that they must change the way, become more open.

It may also be where the soul altar is located and explain why it was hidden for a long time.



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