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News. RS Mining and Smithing Beta coming soon

On November 13 all RS members will be able to access another RS Mining and Smithing Beta,Now,Let's learn the all details .


RS Mining and Smithing Beta will start from November 13 and run until November 27, 2018.


It will be a full beta, which means you can access all content with no area restrictions.


Now, Here are some specific details you can expect:




No depletion of materials
Ability to mine AFK (although you’ll be rewarded for paying attention)
New ore bank for storage
Four new tiers of ore spanning 60-90




Ability to smith from a new metal bank
Additional mechanics
Better XP
Make RuneScape masterwork armour and trimmed masterwork armour
Four new tiers of metal spanning 60-90




Ore, bars and metal equipment replaced on drop tables with new stone spirit and salvage items

Spring cleaner has been improved


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