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News. Player Owned Farm Details and Grand Exchange Improvements

There are some new informations about Player Owned Farm and Grand Exchange,Let's see together now.


Changes in Player Owned Farm


1.There is Balthazar added to the POH.


2.With master farmer outfit worn, white lilies can be planted without vanishing once again.


3.You will not be stuck in the windmill upon the completion of The Chosen Commander quest.


4.You can only breed the Royal dragons in super secret farming methods.


5.Manure buckets can be destroyed if you tick the "Destroy empty buckets when farming" option, and on the contrary they will be kept if unticking it.


6.Noted raw sailfish can now be added to farm troughs.


Grand Exchange Improvements


1.You are able to place a new, identical offer with a single button press via selecting “Collect and repeat”when canceling an offer.


2.You will also be able to right-click an entry in their GE history and easily repeat that offer, too. This will break down into two options – ‘Immediate repeat’ and ‘Detailed report’, the latter of which allows you two tweak some of the parameters in case you want to do things a little differently.


3.The size of your GE sale history will be doubled to 20 transactions


4.While clicking on an item in the GE will not clear the search box.


Please remember that clicking out of the search (e.g adjusting prices of quantities or clicking out of the window) will still clear search.


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