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News. Phoenix Lamps TH Promo Coming

There‚Äôs a brand new Treasure Hunter promo arriving today,That's Phoenix Lamps,Now,Let's see all details about it.And just Buy Rs Gold cheap at Runescapegoldfast safe and fast.


How long will it last?


Phoenix Lamps RuneScape runs until 23:59 game time on March 18, 2019. During this period, you can obtain two Medium Phoenix lamps when opening TH for the first time, and have the chance to gain more Phoenix Lamps which can be used on skills for bonus experience.


And like Smouldering Lamps, if a skill is chosen that has bonus experience, up to the same amount of bonus experience is converted into normal experience as well.Different from other lamps, Phoenix Lamps may be saved upon use, meaning the lamps have a chance to be used more than one time.


In addation,Here are some rewards you can gain from Phoenix Lamps Treasure Hunter Promotion:


Small Phoenix Lamp
Medium Phoenix Lamp
Large Phoenix Lamp
Huge Phoenix Lamp

Phoenix aura token

RuneScape Phoenix Aura

Phoenix Mimic token

Phoenix wing Backpack token

RuneScape Phoenix Wing Backpack

A winged chest pet


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