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News.Old School Runescape: Fossil Island Preview

There have a good news for Runescape fans! The Fossil Island is coming to us! After years of planning and months of development, Fossil Island is less a week away from us. Follow our popular Twitch channel to watch the preview , and the other on Wednesday, September 6, at 3 pm (UTC).


If you miss one, the past broadcasts will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and can also be found on our video section's Twitch channel!


You also have a final weekend for your Fossil Island login screen competition entry.


The Old School login screen works by taking this photo and mirroring it. The submission must be .jpg, like the linked image. It must also be the same size. Flames and other window frames will be placed in their current position in the game, they can not move down or lateral. Image is automatically mirrored.


The submission should be sent to oldschoolcommunity@jagex.com from Monday Sep 4th and must:


Include the "login screen" in the subject of the e-mail

Attach your design as JPG

Include your RuneScape display name in the body of the email


The winner will announce when Fossil Island game update next week. In addition to seeing their login screen in the game, the winner of the match will receive 12 months of RuneScape membership! So what are you waiting for?


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