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News.Old School RuneScape: Lady Verzik Release on June 7

The next major challenge for the Blood Theater OSAR will enter the game on June 7. Since the Bloody Theater was created for the entertainment of Ms Verzik, you may want to know who she was before the challenge was released.


Details of Verzik OSRS in the Bloody Theater

Ver Sinhaza is located in Sanguinesti and is now ruled by Verzik Vitur, head of the Vitur family, and one of the few true vampires on Gielinor. For thousands of years, his wife, Verzik, had commanded a group of vampires. She instructed her followers to create a battlebook filled with some of the most powerful warriors, creations, creatures and puzzles, called the Blood Theatre.


More information about Lady Verzik

Although we can see that Lady Verzik has wings, it was revealed that she could not actually fly, according to the following Mod Ghost Tweet:

“She can’t fly. Verzik grew obese due to lack of movement and over indulgence. Not being able to see her reflection she never came to realise this fully. To appease her neurotic and deadly temper, her subject built a hoist into her throne that assists her in aviation.”

The picture of Mrs. Verzik's throne is also released, which shows how it looks compared to a normal person. It seems that the throne is a beautiful and big throne, and we can also imagine the size of the wife Verzik from the photos.



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