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News.Old School Mobile Android Soft Launch in Canada details

It’s officially announced that the OSRS Mobile Android has been soft launch on Canada,Let's see all details now.


Old School Mobile Android has launched on Canada in preparation for the full release of OSRS Mobile.All Canadian Old School users have been able to access the Android app since 13:10 BST on Aug 6. 


If you are Canadian user, you can also purchase bonds and membership via the app, rather than having to go through the website.


For all other regions, you’ll still be able to access Old School Mobile as you can now on Android with an active membership. The team plans to allow access to OSRS Mobile in more regions in the very near future.


There are also have some Mobile Changes


A toggleable orb has been added to the advanced settings menu when on a mobile device, that when tapped, will open the store to and display payment options for bonds and membership. This orb will always show for F2P players. For members, the orb is disabled by default and will need to be toggled on via the advanced settings menu. This will NOT appear for desktop users.


From the Account Management interface you'll be able to see very specific details such as; how many days of membership you have remaining, an indication of any messages you may have in your Message Centre, a link to the Old School Support page, a link to the Old School news page for new blog posts, and the ability to purchase bonds and membership.


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