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News.OSRS: the release Inferno Task and re-opened Tournament Worlds

Old School RuneScape updates the new Inferno Task and Tournament Worlds. Have you challenge the TzKal-ZUK?, now you can challenge it again. In addition,  make preparation for PVP tournament, buy more Old School Runescape Gold at first!


Inferno Task

First of all, it is important to point out that this task will only be for those who have killed TzKal-ZUK.


Today saw the most challenging and valuable killer mission. After being assigned a TzHaar quest, the players who have successfully completed will be offered again to challenge TzKal-ZUK's chance.


Complete this quest to get 100,000 Slayer xp from kill TzKal-Zuk and offer more Jal-nib-rek pet opportunities.


"Killer" helmet damage and accuracy of the upgrade will be all the monsters in hell have effect, and natural, "fast bracelet" and "massacre bracelet" will not affect the task. Deaths during the mission or leave hell before completion will see the task of being erased like the TzTok-Yade mission.


Tournament Worlds

World 408 and 409 are being converted to the tournament world, preparing for the PVP tournament. Since the PVP tournament is the most ambitious non-death race so far, we think the contestants are as close to the tournament as possible. Of course, everyone else is encouraged to join the war and test their tricks!


As with previous versions, you have the freedom to choose your own statistics, and you can choose from a variety of devices. The game world will be active until August 17, so you have two weeks to hone your combat effectiveness!


Be sure to watch all the actions of the PvP tournament on twitch.tv/runescape on August 12th and 13th!


That's the two updates about OSRS, remember to buy OSRS gold!


Enjoy your game!