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News.OSRS is Back AGAIN with PVP Survival Mode - Deadman Reborn OSRS

Old School RuneScape way back in 2015 announced a new PVP survival mode to the players, where they could compete with each other in a rather hectic and extremely challenging environment because literally any player with an active membership could boot it up and join the competition to win a extraordinary prize of 10k and lot more. But only one could have the title of the Deadman.

The deadman PVP mode became so popular that literally every single player wanted to jump in the competition and the thrill was just amazing to watch! Unfortunately, a lot of the new OSRS players just couldn’t experience the thrill and joy, not to mention the chance to win that 10k.

But worry not as the developers have announced that DEADMAN is coming back and it’s going to be more awesome and rewarding than ever before and they are calling it DEADMAN REBORN! But what exactly is it and how do you get into it? Let’s find out:

What is Deadman Mode in OSRS?
This is a question that apparently a lot of you have been asking recently especially after the announcement of deadman reborn was made. So to put it into simple words, Deadman is a PVP, meaning player vs player, survival mode where you have to compete and fight against any amount of osrs players that take part into the competition and fight through it until you are the last man standing!

But how Do you Get started with Deadman Reborn Mode?
Getting started with a Deadman reborn mode is rather easy, all you need to do is get to the tutorial island with an active membership of course and there you will have to speak with Skippy and choose your starting location to get started with deadman reborn.

What do you get in Deadman Reborn?
Glad you asked, in deadman reborn there are a number of things that you will get and here is a list to find out:

●Higher XP rates than usual
●Quest completion for certain quests as you complete the milestones
●Item drop-rate modifiers
●Unique items and drop tables that are not in the main game
●Better shop restock rates
●Deadman Sigils

With these your journey might get a little interesting but NEVER easy and if you manage to get through the season and complete the milestone! You will get access to the Deadman Reborn Finale on 17th September where you will be up against the top players and fight for the ultimate prize of 32K! I mea just imagine how much osrs gold can you buy with so much money eh?

The competition starts from 25th of August, so be ready to take you chances and if you have the skills you might even get crowned the deadman reborn champion!

The Runesscapegoldfast Team