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News.OSRS Making Some New Changes for Revenant Caves

In order to maintain the profitability of the Revenant Caves, make sure the rewards match the efforts involved and the other methods continue to be viable. OSRS has making the following changes to Revenant Caves:


The Dwarf multicannons can no longer be placed in the Revenant area of ??the cave.

The Wilderness Slayer still can be used elsewhere throughout the cave.

Each Revenant NPC has a chance to scroll on the normal loot table. Lower level Revenant NPCs significantly reduced the chance of hitting.

Revenants of higher level are not exempt and have the opportunity to slightly reduce the average loot table.

The value of the general loot table dropped slightly, with more focus on reducing the amount of resources discarded. For example, items such as Onyx bolt heads have a lower number of items than others.

W345 Permanent Deadman ONLY - Revenant NPC Most drop tables have been deleted. The only ones that can be obtained from them now are Bracelet of ethereum, Revenant ether and Ancient crystals.

If you have any of the following items, you will find that they have been automatically converted to their corresponding old values: Ancient emblem, Ancient totem, Ancient statuette, Ancient medallion, Ancient effigy and Ancient relic. If you have a maximum cash stack, the coins will fall to the ground after logging in.

Revenant NPC drop tables simply can not effectively balance the game mode. Therefore, OSRS decided to remove everything from the Revenant NPC drop tables, but keep the Bracelet of ethereum and Revenant ether, which also prevents the presence of discontinued item in game mode.


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