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News.OSRS Last Man Standing Beta Hotfixes & Changes

Last week the Old School Team launched a beta to demonstrate and tweak the changes to Last Man Standing described in the State of PvP blog from May. Since then, the beta has proven popular among regular PvPers as well as players just starting to learn how to PK. The develop team made some  hotfixes and changes ,here you could learn the detailed information.

 Hotfixes  to  Last Man Standing beta

1.The PJ timer was increased to around 20 seconds to give players time to collect loot from bloody keys and prepare for the next fight;
2.Crates were fixed to give appropriate ammunition after awarding a Heavy ballista or a Dark bow;
3.Starting equipment was removed from the loot after killing another player;
4.The initial countdown was increased to give players time to prepare their inventories;
5.Karambwans were fixed to heal players correctly;
6.Special attack and run energy were updated to fully restore instantly after killing an opponent;
7.Dropped food and potions were changed to disappear after 5 seconds;
8.Players may only have one Saradomin brew in their inventory at a time.

Changes to  Last Man Standing beta

1.Combat is now permitted as soon as the shouted countdown ends. Previously there was a 6 second grace period during which players could move but not fight;
2.Players are now given 11 sharks rather than 12 as the basic supplies;
3.Ava's accumalator has been removed from the starting equipment after feedback that it was unused;
4.The Dragon warhammer was deemed not powerful enough to warrant a place as loot. It has been replaced with a Mages book;
5. 6 players will now spawn in each group at the beginning of a game. This will reduce players being the odd one out and not getting a fight at the start;
6.The final area has been doubled in size and will now have glowing orbs to indicate its boundary. Some chests have been moved into the newly expanded final areas;
7.Dragonstone bolts have been replaced with diamond bolts to reduce the RNG element of the fights;
8.More chests have been added to areas that were deemed too few including all final areas.

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