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News.OSRS Easter Event 2020 Guide

OSRS Easter 2020 is coming! In the 2020 Easter event,players must help street magician The Disappointing Gelt, whose top hat is uncontrollably spewing out rabbits.After completing the event, players can return to Bunbridge to complete two "quests" for additional easter eggs.Here is the guide to complete the Easter event and two  Post-event quests.

Walkthrough for OSRS Easter Event 2020

1. Speak to The Disappointing Gelt by the fountain of eastern Falador just south of the Party Room.
2. Head to the second floor of the castle and talk to Duke Rabbacio. Talk to Paws in the adjacent room and plot against the Duke.
3. Head to the south-west side of the island and fetch a Conch shell.
4. Head to the north-east side of the island and fetch a broken egg. After using the broken egg on the conch shell, head to the top floor of the castle and use the unpainted fake magic egg on the paint buckets to obtain the painted fake magic egg.
5. Head to the third floor of the castle. Dunk the unpainted fake magic egg in the paint.
6. Return and talk to Paws. Then talk to Duke Rabbacio.
7. Talk to The Disappointing Gelt again to complete this event.

Guide for The Rabbit's Assistant quest

1.To begin the quest, talk to the Rabbit Chef on the ground floor of the castle, inside the kitchen.
2.Head to the house directly south-east of the castle to take a big carrot.
3.Head to  Farmer Maggot's field on the north-eastern corner of the island and take a cabbage.
4.Head to the north-western corner of the island and take a cake.
5.Return to the Rabbit Chef,give these items.You will be awarded 5 OSRS easter eggs.

Guide for The Restless Goat quest

1.Talk to Father Buckerek in the church of the egg, just outside Bunbridge Castle.
2.Head to small stone building directly south and  inspect the grave. Viktor the Restless Goat will appear before you.
3.Cross the bridge towards the east onto the beach, to then pick up the broken goat horn.
4.With the broken horn retrieved, return to restless goat and give the horn back to complete the quest, you will be awarded another five easter eggs.

Rewards obtained  from OSRS Easter 2020

After completing this event players will receive:

1.Magic egg ball (received during event)
2.Carrot sword (received after stepping back through portal)
3.'24 carat' sword (by dipping the carrot sword in the same paint you dipped the magic egg ball)
4.Two noted easter eggs (additional 10 eggs, 5 per mini quest within the event)
Other rewards from previous events, obtained from Diango.

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