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News. OSRS All Stars PvP Championship 2018 informations

The Old School All Stars PvP Championship is coming soon,The below are all new informations about it,Please read carefully now.


The OSRS All Stars PvP championship is lasting from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM GMT on November 24, 2018.It is a 16 player, invite-only bracket focused on 1, 45, and 70 defence builds, and these 16 players will be drawn into 4 Heats.


The members of 4 groups include Skillspecs, Alfie, Purespam, Abyss; Mr Mammal, Mika, Mmorpg, Purpp; Torvesta, Ditterbitter, Faux, Sick Nerd; Framed, Manked, B0aty, Skiddler.


OSRS All Stars 2018 will be hosted by Mod Archie with two casters Revan and Mod Ayiza.


There have been 4 public Tournament worlds added in-game,where you can select your own stats and choose from a wide range of equipment.


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