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News.New TH Plague Doctor Details

New RS Treasure Hunter promotion is coming ,Now,Let's learn all informations about it.


How long will it last?


Which is available through a new Task Card! Kicking off on October 25th (00:00) and running until October 29th (23:59),You can open TH to receive a plague task list, on which there are 16 tasks with four levels of prestige and some new tasks for you to complete. Rewards are given for completing rows, columns or full tables at each of the four levels.


Some tasks you need to complete


During this event,You need to complete all 16 tasks for all Plague Doctor rewards,Here list several tasks for you:


1.Home Remedy: Fetch items for the Plague Doctor, including overload salve, wallasalkibane ore and others.


2.An apple a day: Farm an apple from an apple tree with Farming level 27 at least


3.Crimson Skillchompas: Catch 200 Crimson Skillchompas with 89 Hunter at the Desert Quarry Hunter area .


4.Always read the label: Create a Strong cure potion in Daemonheim.


Please remember that stickers can be won on Treasure Hunter (and obtained from the Plague Doctor himself) that allow you to skip tasks. Any stickers won after completion will instead function as Prismatic Stars.


Some rewards you can get


During this event, You will gain the new Plague Doctor outfit , consisting of Plague Doctor herbed mask, waxed armour, miasma guards, leather britches and bloused boots.As well as leeching syringe & Lancing cane.


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Date:25th Oct-5th Nov


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