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News. New RS Winter Weekend Coming

We will move to the third weekend of RuneScape Winter Weekends 2018 - Combat & Slayer this week,Let's learn all informations now.


The Winter Weekend 3 will last from 12:00 UTC on Friday Dec.14 to 12:00 UTC on Monday Dec.17.


And during this period you can enjoy a series of bonuses when doing combat and slayer activities.The below are all benefits.


All Slayer assignments will be treated like using a Slayer VIP ticket, which will grant you one more choice when you choose an assignment.


Moreover,You can also enjoy 10% cheaper instance fees, which will allow you to create more instance. What’s more, you will have a right to choose your Boss Slayer assignments.


Slayer experience is increased by 25%,50% more shattered anima is awarded in Shattered Worlds.And you will have one chance to loot from Mazcab Raids every day,There is increase rate of dropping torn grimoire pages from Solak.


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