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News.New Information about OSRS Mobile Data and Battery Usage

Old School Runescape official released the new information about OSRS Mobile APP. The Data and Battery usage of the App have comes out. Now, runescapegoldfast will share the main information about OSRS Mobile to you.


OSRS Mobile Data Usage

The size of the Old School Mobile App is about 30MB. Old School Mobile currently uses 103MB data per hour. Please note that it is important that the results of the test scenario and the real world be different. This may seem like a lot, but you have to consider that Old School Runescape is a living MMORPG, one that conveys data continuously. I hope the data throughout the testing process will be optimized.


OSRS Mobile Battery Usage

OSRS Mobile will cause your battery to drain at an average rate of between 8% and 12% per hour. This relatively low turnover rate ensures that even the longest commute will be pleasant. These tests are done on the Samsung S8 and Razer phones and OSRS Mobile will continue to test on other phones and send as much information as possible.


Please note: Only invitations sent through Games Inbox will be sent to the official email you submitted as an email address for your App/Play Store Account, and they will all have matching code. Please stay vigilant, hoping to use OSRS Mobile for any phishing. If you are not sure whether you have received any communications, check out the Old School homepage or ask on the RuneScape forum.


That's all the latest details about OSRS Mobile. Please focus runescapegoldfast.com to get the first news about Runescape. Remember to use the coupon code 'runescape3' to buy Runescape 2007 mobile gold for 5% free.