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News.New Improvements to OSRS

OSRS has announced the new improvement to Blast Furnace,Lighthouse Dungeon and Explosive mine. There have something difference. As a professional OSRS gold online store, runescapegoldfast will tell you the details about this update below.


Blast Furnace

Here is the introduction of Numpty and Thumpy, which is Blast Furnace latest recruits. In the world of blast furnaces, they will automatically repair broken pipes, gears and belts. In order to meet their wage requirements, you will find that in these worlds, the cost of blast furnaces has now increased to 72,000gp per hour.


Lighthouse Dungeon

Lighthouse Dungeon has always been a very controversial area, until today, you are asked to take the risk to the lowest level to see if Dagannoth is your take. All of this now has changed because we have implemented two improvements to improve the visibility of any future competition.


Now you can see the players and Dagannoth stand above the ladder at a lower level, and this is a peep option on the ladder, which will give you a summary of the number of players in the basement.


Explosive mine

Lovakengj Blast Mine has added an overlapping interface that now allows you to track how much of each ore is collected so far.


Chemical amulet

Cosmetic protective gear provides a 5% chance of supplementing the dosage when dispensing. It has five expenses and then rest. Today's update brings a switch option that once the amulet breaks, it will prevent your character from making more syrup. It is perfect for those who are eager to get your money. By default, when the amulet is interrupted, you will not stop making the syrup.


Deadman end of the season

The fall is now over. 2000 top players will be invited to participate in the September 18 opening of the autumn tournament, and will be on September 23 at RuneFest on the climax. In 2000 you will receive your invitation in the next few weeks. Pay attention to your mail inbox!


World change

After the season, all seasonal worlds (392, 401 and 405) are no longer visible.

World 392 is now a PvP world.

World 352 and 387 are now blast furnace themes.


That's all, buy cheap OSRS gold after this improvement, hope you could have a good time in game!