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News.New Improvement for Fossil Island

Fossil Island has arrive on Runescape for several months, now there have some new improvements for it. Get more cheap runescape gold here for Fossil Island. And watch the details below to find what are new on it.


Fossil gathering


If you build the entire camp, Pitt panning around will give you a set of free fossils. In fact, we found that 18% of players building the entire camp still did not collect their free fossils from Pete - they missed a free showcase.


To give players a clearer idea of ??what they can do on the island and provide some rewards for completing their mission. We had thought of making it a small list of tasks written on the billboards in camp quarters. Fossils are rewards for rewards. This will help you to explore the many changes that have been made since the release of the island but also help to complete some fossil collection!




From the island's data, the nest is the most used content. Rather than shrinking the XP of the toy house from the player's level, we rebalance the player at a flat XP price to ensure that the experience given is the best at these levels. Then we want to introduce an extra layer of nesting for the higher-level logs. Maple, mahogany, yew, magic and mahogany can reach 90.


Underwater Agility/Thieving Training


The new underwater agility and thief approach provides some of the best XP in the game for thieves and agility, but it's not widely used by how many people attract it. One of the drawbacks we think is that there are already many quick ways to train Thieving so there is not much interest in training with Agility. For those of you who want to bring Thieving and Agility XP together, there may not be a problem with this activity, but the player seems to be relatively small.


To improve this, we want to change the way you get XP on the event. Instead of training XP like two skills, because you stole the mermaid's tears, we'd like to give you a new shining mermaid torn item for extra trophies (and the nominal amount of XP using your skills). These can be traded to any skill in Mairin XP. This will allow players to assign XP training skills that they really are interested in.


New tears can be stacked, but Mairin will collect more tears after about 6 hours of tear collection, so they will not be able to use an unlimited amount of XP indefinitely.


Besides the new improvement  upon, there also have some improments about Drift Net Fishing, Sulliuscep Trees, Hardwood Farming & Seaweed Farming, Wyverns andVolcanic Ash. Focus runescapegoldfast.com for more Rs news. And cheap RS gold is on hot sale now.