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News.New Changes for Vorkath & Metal Dragons

Recently, OSRS released a large number of Vorkath & Metal Dragons patch, this new change makes Vorkath & Metal Dragons more challenging. More cheap Runescape gold on runescapegoldfast.com.


The new changes are as follows:



In the poison-pool phase, players can cause 50% more damage to Vorkath's maximum damage.

Vulkas's basic defensive slight decline.

Now you will have two rolls on the standard drop table for each murderous Volkas. This does not include unique items, clue scrolls, excellent dragon bone drops, two Blue dragonhide drops or the chance of getting a Waukee.

Vorkath's overall standard decline table has been significantly improved.

The number of falling objects in a roll drops, and the falling weight of some objects increases.

Vorkath's initial special attack will now be selected at random from the poison pond and freezing attacks. All other attacks will still follow the same rotation pattern.

For Vorkath, defensive and prolonged anti-flak agents have reduced their effectiveness. The super anti-flak agent has not changed, making it the most effective anti-fire agent for Vorkath.

Now, the game's loot broadcasts has been added to Vorkath's drops.


Rune dragon

In dealing with the special effects of Runenglong attack, hatred stolen by other players even more difficult.


Determined dragon

When dealing with the effects of special elf dragon attacks, hate should now be harder to be stolen by other players.

A special attack on a firm dragon has been replaced by a ruby ??bolt effect instead of a diamond. When using missile prayer protection, the previous damage reduction no longer applies.


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