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News. New Boneyard TH promotion details

Today,We will introduce a new Treasure Hunter promotion Boneyard informations for you,Please read carefully now.


How long will it last?


Boneyard is now active will runs until 23:59 game time on March 4, 2019.When Boneyard RuneScape is active in Treasure Hunter.You can dig up one cell per Treasure Hunter key on a grid shown in the Treasure Hunter interface.


You need to fill the grid with bones and indicate the prize is claimed, or claim one of the revealed categories. You can reset when your grid is filled with either claimed or category icons.


You will have the chance to enjoy new cosmetics besides normal prizes,Below are all rewards you can get.


Bone Master outfit
Skeletal bear pet
Tomb gorilla pet token
Crypt staff token
Crypt scythe token
Crypt shieldbow token
Forsaken graahk pet token


Hope you can enjoy this event!


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