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News.Mining Guild Expansion

Runescape wants to show some love in an expanded form and introduce new mining equipment and new minerals.



Improve the existing guild


At present, the association has only 37 coal and 5 oil. At present, I'd better go outside the dwarf mine association. We want to add two diamonds and four pieces of iron ore. This will allow the community to compete with other free gambling mines.

In addition to the new rock and roll, we have to add two new stores: one is the ore, one is ho. By default, the ore library is not stocked.



Expansion area


We want to add a new membership to the guild. The new area will contain a bank with a safe and a polling station. Supplementary remarks are as follows:


8 iron

20 coal

10 my

8 diamonds

2 Moisturizing


Compared with other rocks in the game, all the rocks of the Society have half of the rebirth of the timer.

Also, in the new guild area, you will receive a hidden passive +7 upgrade to your mining level. This will increase your chances of mined ore but does not allow you to access rocks that require a higher level. This promotion compares you to other improvements in mining levels.




The new area of ??the committee contains a new mineral for your mining, amethyst. Amethyst requires 92 times of mining, obtained by mining amethysts can be used to create all the new arrows, bolts and javelins.

Amethyst mining will provide an average of 22,000 XP per hour, averaging 92 mines per hour, averaging 26,000 XP per hour, mining grade 99.

Please note that all amethyst items are traded.


Amethyst bolts


In order to create amethyst bolt tips, need 83 handmade. Each amethyst can be cut into 15 bolts in the production of 60 XP.

Then these players can be added to a wide range of bolts, by 76 Fletching players, reward each bolt 10.6 XP. You must unlock the ability to create various amber crystals.

Amethyst broad bolts will be available for Runite crossbows and above, allowing you to meet the requirements of 65 Slayer. These bolts provide +115 remote rewards, which are equivalent to Runite bolts.



Amethyst arrows


Players with 85 practices will be able to cut amethyst into 15 arrows and provide 60 XP skills. Then they can fade into purple arrows, each of which is awarded 13.5 XP.

These arrows provide +55 long range intensity bonus that can be used for magic bow and above.



Amethyst javelin


87 production requires amethyst chisel javelin. Each amethyst can be cut into five, divided into 60 XP.

Putting these javelin heads on the available javelins requires 84 Fletching and 13.5xX for each javelin. Amethyst Javelin offers +135 long range bonus.



Mining gloves


Any rock that excavates new areas of society will provide access to unknown minerals and common minerals. This mineral can trade mining gloves. There are two variants of these gloves: standard and superior.


Standard gloves provide silver, coal and gold opportunities to be reborn immediately after wear

Advanced Gloves provide the opportunity to regenerate Mithril, Adamantite and Runite Rocks immediately upon matte



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