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News.Midsummer, Auto-smash, and Void Mage

All Runescape Fans! BIG SURPRICE!


This week saw the return of the midsummer event, the automatic crushing of the vials, and the buff to Void Mage.


Midsummer event

In Cambridge, we are troubled by the eclectic combination of hot and heavy rain, which can only mean it is summer! It is quite appropriate that the return of the midsummer event on Friday, June 30, as in recent years, your mind will be tested by the mysterious thoughts of the Thordur dwarves.


Every day activities are active, you will receive a secret clue, there is a return to the disc to help you. If you successfully complete the task every day, you will receive a glass of wine.


During the event to help for three days, you will see you unlocking a new hand fan, keeping you cool and the return of the previous midsummer event. If lost, these items can be recovered from the Diango or POH toy box.



No one like the barbarians to break things, so now the barbarian guard in the brutal sentry found an option, you can switch the vial after the vial automatic fracture. Only after completing Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl.


Void Mage

This void of the Master suite this week received a buff. Both normal and elite groups have increased the magic accuracy from 30% to 45% of the magic. In addition, the elite group has gained 2.5% of the magic damage boost.


For context, this will overlap with other existing enhancements. For example, equipped with a hidden necklace and death of the full elite magic blank will cause 27.5% of the magic damage bonus


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