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News.Menaphos Birthday Celebrations details

It's Menaphos's 1st birthday! there are some updates on Menaphos, Let's see all details.


Details about Menaphos Birthday


If you login anytime this week, you will be given a Menaphos birthday gift box. Opening this box will give you:

1.A Magister teleport tablet and a free untradeable key to the crossing

2.20 Feathers of Ma'at,Required in order to kill Soul devourers and Corrupted creatures within the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.

3.A large Menaphite gift offering


What's more,receiving this gift, you’ll also see that the spawn rate for both soul obelisks and corrupted scarabs will be doubled throughout the entire month of June, until July 4th.


General Menaphos Improvements and changes


1.Exchange clerks have been moved to be with the bankers in the Menaphos bank

2.Menaphite gift offerings are stackable in your inventory as well as can be deposited into your bank.

3.Handing in pyramid tops to Simon Templeton with the elite desert achievements completed will now give 10,000 coins per top


One thing you need to pay attention is that the price of membership for new members and those who’ve been unsubscribed for more than 14 days. The price of Bonds, Treasure Hunter keys, and RuneCoins will also be increasing.


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