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News.Mage Arena II with New God Capes

Kolodion, a master of battle magic, poses new challenges for anyone who has the courage to return to the Deep.


How to start this challenge?

Player with 75+ Magic completes the original Mage Arena and frees up the ability to cast all of God's spells outside of the Mage Arena, finding a new option when chatting with Colodiou.


What will we face in this challenge?

The challenge we face is to track and defeat three demons that were found at random locations in deep multiple combat wilderness.


To find them, Kolodion will give you a hot/cold device which will get you closer to the point of spawning (using this device will hurt the player so you have to keep it for granted). When close enough, one of the three demons will be created, depending on which demons you are tracking right now. Only players who summon demons can attack it - even in multi-lane areas. If you take too long to find any of the 3 rebirth sites, all 3 places will be reset and assigned a new rebirth point!


What can we get when defeat all three demons?

When you defeat a demon, it will fall a unique heart. You have to defeat all three demons, and then put one of each heart Kolodion. These can not be stored. Once Kolodion has all three hearts, he will upgrade a god capes for you. This will cost your old God capes and replace it with a more up-to-date version. To upgrade another variant of the God capes, you must repeat the process of tracking and defeating at least one demon!


Gold Capes


When using the capes, you will be very careful. If you wear a magic seal when you die, it will disappear. When this happens, the capes and the original version of the capes will be retrieved and lost! This does not apply to any area classified as safe and dead, and can obtain a capes from any service that provides item recovery functionality.


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