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News.Lost Grove & Cheap RS Gold


Hear the many stories of the lost Grove? No? This is because it is one of Gielinor's oldest and most precious secrets. Or until now. Tighten, slayers, because with this update hordes of brand new creatures will be absorbed into your blades.


lost grove


Fantastic beasts

Let's start the little lost woods that have long been the wisdom and fairy's home that has been in harmony with the great trees, which is proud of the center. Which includes Teelee: a sacred task to appease the tree spirit. By helping her to enter our new weekly distraction and transfer, Grove's Wisps, you will receive a rich rewards for Hunter and Farming XP. You will also have the chance to get a rare new pet, Vinny!


Time to soar. The three men may not look like things happen at night, but do not be fooled - they pack a nasty fist!


At the level 104, we have Vinecrawlers. Three of them, give you the most GP per hour.

The next one at level 106: Bulbous track. Sitting in the middle, these are equal between XP and GP gain.

Finally, Moss Golems stands at level 108, giving the trio the best XP per hour.

For the reward, the lost Grove is a treasure trove of real secrets, trophies and heritage. Keep your eyes especially for the new T85 mixed matchhead gloves: a pair of deadly gloves that passively poison any enemies you play. Combine your existing weapons, you have a fatal P +++ poison panini.


Where to kill them

The task of killing three slayer creatures can get more than level 104 slayer from Morvran. You can investigate the ruins of the peninsula, in the south of the toxic waste into the lost trees. Why are you still reading? Start it right now!


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