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News.Learn the details of Bounty Hunter rewards poll blog

The details of OSRS Bounty Hunter rewards have been revealed in the latest poll blog. OSRS Ancient Warriors’ weapons and Corrupt Dragon Weaponry are proposed to be available in the Bounty Hunter Crate, and you could find the poll in game.The poll is expected to open on Friday, September 13th and will close on Wednesday, September 18th.

OSRS Ancient Warriors’ weapons

According to the latest Bounty Hunter rewards poll blog, the develop team proposed to add the following OSRS Ancient Warriors’ weapons to the unique loot table of the Bounty Hunter Crate:
Statius’ warhammer
Vesta’s spear
Vesta’s longsword
Zuriel’s staff
Morrigan’s throwing axes
Morrigan’s javelins

The weapons would have the same stats as they did in Deadman. The only change we would like to make is that Vesta's Longsword will have a 50% special attack cost, increased from 25%. The melee weapons would require 78 Attack to weild, the ranged weapons would require 78 Ranged to weild and Zuriel's staff would require 78 Magic and Attack to weild. 
A player who dies with one of these weapons (with the exception of Morrigan's axes and javelins) will become cursed by that Ancient Warrior. This will also apply to players who drop the weapon manually in the Wilderness. While cursed, a player may not equip the given weapon again until the curse is lifted. The new Bounty Hunter NPC will lift the curse for 1,000,000 coins. It is recommended to use these weapons until it fully degrades.

OSRS Corrupt Dragon Weaponry

The develop team  offered to add corrupt versions of Dragon weaponry. Following player's  feedback, reduce the list to the battleaxe, longsword and scimitar. Similar to the Ancient Warriors' weapons, these would be tradeable until used in combat. Once used, they will start to degrade, turning to dust after one hour of use.
The corrupt weapons would still require 60 Attack to wield and have the same stats as their equivalent weaponry. These would not have a special attack and would be available in free-to-play.

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