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News. Learn some RS Firework Festival Informations

A new Treasure Hunter promotion – Firework Festival is coming ,In order to celebrate RS 18 year anniversary.Now,Let's learn all informations about it.


How long will it last?


This Treasure Hunter promotion from 00:00 on January 3rd 2019 to 23:59 on January 7th.


Get some rewards from Firework Festival

During the time,Players will have four fireworks to choose from. Each has its own effect,from guaranteed purple prizes to 4x multipliers. You can choose one from these fireworks, and you may also find the special mystery fireworks which could have any effect or an 8x multiplier.


The below are Firework Type with their effect:


Firework Type      Effect
Skill                   A Skill Prize
Red                    Red Prize
Purple               Purple Prize
Double              2x Prizes
Triple               3x Prizes
Quadruple       4x Prizes
Mystery         Has a chance to give the effect of any other firework and the possibility of up to an 8x Prize


Hope you can enjoy this event.


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