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News.Learn some Quest Point Shop Informaions

Quest Point Shop is a shop-a shop in which you can spend quest points.Quest points + shop = Quest Point Shop.You’ll be able to find it south west of the Varrock Lodestone.The below are all details about it,read carefully now.


RuneScape Quest Point Shop, with the name of May’s Quest Caravan,You may locate the Quest Point Shop near the champion's guild, south-west of the Varrock lodestone ,Then you will see the lady May, who has set up the shop with quest points rewards.


What's more,there is one general reward track and some other reward tracks which you can choose to progress along. While the general rewards will automatically be obtained by May with certain quest point milestones reached, others depend on how you choose to allocate your points.


Some rewards you can get


Quest Point Shop unlocks occur in 25 quest point intervals, and players will be able to reset their unlocks once a week.


Rewards in the general track are received when you reach certain quest point milestones. One of the general track rewards is RuneScape Magical Dice: Magical Dice (T1) – 25 quest points, (T2) – 125 quest points, (T3) – 225 quest points, (T4) – 325 quest points and (T5). The RuneScape Dice can reward you coins and Treasure Trails; for example, you can get 2,500,000 coins and a random elite Treasure Trails reward when you roll the Magical Dice (T4).


Pet track

Going down this track unlocks the Lorehound (which works as override for familiars). Players can change its costume to correspond with certain completed quests.


The Hub Track offers a range of benefits including:


Access to the title of 'The Adventurer'

The ability to teleport to the start point of a quest

The ability to transform into various quest NPCs using the Ring of Quests

Access to improved rewards from Meg

Access to a Bank chest at the hub

A quest item storage box


In the end:


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