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News. Learn some Needle Skips Informations

Needle Skips is a Novice level quest, is fully voiced and represents the 400th available Quest Point! The below are all details about it,Let's learn together now.


Needle Skips is set in the Piscatoris peninsula.To get started on Needle Skips, you will have to investigate the Needle found on the hill west of Piscatoris.


The main story of the Needle Skips is around a murder.When you stumble across a tall blue woman lying dead on the floor, with the name ‘Megan’ written in blood beside her,and what you need to do is to discover who has killed her.


You should examine the scene and search for keywords using a brand new in-game mechanic(power of the Needle RuneScape)to try and discover what happened, peeling back layers of the story in the process.


In order to help you completing the quest,there will be experience lamps and three tiers of rewards,completing all the quest’s sections/chapters and finding all words. These rewards can be unlocked when you replay the Needle Skips.


Needle Skips may be release in this November,let's expect it coming.


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