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News. Learn some Cannonballs OSRS details

Today,Let's learn how to Make Cannonballs OSRS,The below are some details and guides,Please read carefully now!


Cannonballs are ammunition used in the Dwarven multicannon. They can be made by using a steel bar on a furnace giving 25.6 Smithing experience and 4 cannonballs per bar. In order to make this item, players must have partially completed the Dwarf Cannon quest and have an ammo mould in their inventory. They require level 35 Smithing to make.


Cannonballs can also be used with granite dust to create granite cannonballs. This requires level 50 Smithing and gives no experience.


Making cannonballs is a popular method for players to train Smithing for free and reap profits. Optimal speeds would yield nearly 14,000 Smithing experience per hour from converting 540 steel bars into 2,160 cannonballs.


First, You need to find a furnace that is near a bank, Then Left click the bank and use steel bar directly.Go back the furnace, and you can click your steel bars on the way back to save your time.In the end,Use the steel bar on the furnace,simply click the wall of the furnace and choose to use your steel bar.


In the end:


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