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News.Learn small game improvements Mar. 26th

According to the lastest official post,this week sees the release of some of the small game improvements from Poll #70.Here you could  read the information for the details.

 Small game improvements

1.The length of Sarachnis’s respawn timer has been reduced from 30 to 10 seconds.
2.The crystal impling loot table has been upgraded, and now includes crystal shards and crystal acorns.
3.The Elite Desert Achievement Diary reward will now drop you inside the temple at Nardah, where you’ll have better access to the recovery shrine.
4.The ‘Talk’ option has been removed from a number of H.A.M. members, so unless they are one of the few with an ‘Attack’ option, pickpocketing them will be much easier.
5.A few unnecessary sentences have been removed from the dialogue that plays when contacting Slayer masters via NPC Contact.
6.The hunt ranges of long-tailed and taloned wyverns have been reduced. Would-be wyvern slayers will find it easier to avoid the wrong subspecies for their tasks.
7.The ‘Investigate’ and ‘Exit’ options on the Puro Puro portal have been swapped so that it’s possible to leave the area in one action.

New OSRS game world temporarily added

The develop team  have temporarily added the following worlds for your scaping pleasure: 505, 506, 507 (UK), 478, 479, 480 (US), and 531 (AUS).
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