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News. Learn Violet is Blue guides

Violet is Blue quest has been released,It is part of the 2018 Christmas event,Now,Let's learn all guides about it.


1. Talk to Violet in Taverley (near White Wolf Mountain) to start the quest. Follow Violet and enter the Land of Snow.


2.Avoid getting hit by giant snowballs come downhill and make it to the top of the hill.


3.Knock the the door of a lodge to the north,Break the door or knock again, and get in the lodge,Speak to Violet’s parents.


4.When playing a game, bring Violet items that begin with the letter she requested; for example, the climbing boots (C) in the toybox, empty jar (E) under bed and fluffy unicorn (F) in the wardrobe. Then talk to Trevor again and leave the building.


5.Speak to Violet,Get the empty bucket to the west.Investigate the nearby maple trees twice for some maple logs,Craft the logs into a spile and get a bucket of syrup from the maple tree,Shake a bush and catch a firefly.


6.Walk north, check four leaning trees and return to Violet. You can obtain an empty jar from Trevor, and then talk to Violet again after catching 10 fireflies.


7.Take icy snow, click on the headless golems and put all 15 heads on. Then talk to Violet.


8.Collect 75 snowballs from the pile of snow to make a snowman.Search for 3 carrots, 3 top hats, 21 coal in the abandoned crates.Prune a tree for three times,Build all melted snowmen, then talk to Violet and walk north.


9.Reach into the icy water to find a barrel.Navigate the barrel to North, then to West, North, East, North, West and North.


10.Search the ice to the northeast to get a lantern, the fire to the north to get charcoal, the rotten barrel east of the sled and crate west of the sled to get a rope.


11.Search the open space multiple times when you add the items to the sled,Speak to Violet to name the sled.


12.Talk to Violet again and the Violet is Blue RuneScape quest is completed!


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