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News. Learn RS Double XP Weekend 2019 details

Double XP Weekend coming soon,Now,Let's learn all informations about it.


How long will it last?


Double XP Weekend RuneScape will start from 12:00 UTC on February 22 to 12:00 UTC on February 25, 2019.


During this event,You are going to enjoy up to 100% increase in XP gains within the specific time .


What should you do?


There are also other ideal skills you can train in the Double XP weekend.you’ll be able to save your gold and time by choosing to level Herblore.


The Construction skill that you can make good use of the abundant leveling materials ,making full use of XP bonuses in Double XP Weekend.


Prayer is expensive to level up and can be the ideal one to train with double XP. You could gain up to 2.7 times the XP per dragon bones than usual and can save a lot.


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