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News. Learn RS Curse of the Black Stone details and guides

A new quest is coming--RuneScape Curse of the Black Stone,Now,Let's learn all informations about it.


General informations


The Curse of the Black Stone can be divided into five sections. After you get started by speaking to Bryll Thoksdottir in Daemonheim, you need to find the Jade Spider, then go to the dungeon, then Kerapac's lab. Afterwards find the Enchanted "vacuum" vial and at last prepare for war.


During your journey, in addition to 12 Crassian warriors and crassian scouts, you need to defeat quite a many enemies withinTemple of Aminishi, the Dragonkin Laboratory, as well as The Shadow Reef.


Useful guides


The Curse of the Black Stone requires 12 Agility and 42 Woodcutting for participating.First and foremost,the Temple of Aminishi, the Dragonkin Laboratory, and the The Shadow Reef must be completed.


In addation,Combat equipment and food are recommended in the quest. And since you need to run between different locations, items that help teleport to the specific places in the quest are also recommended.


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