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News. Learn RS Bounty Hunter New Details

RS Bounty Hunter is removed from the game this week.The Mandrith has become the Slayer master of the Slayer Bounty,Now,Let's see all details now.


Small & large rune pouches,Superior armour sets,BH teleport unlock,Revenant pet unlock have been removed from Mandrith’s shop.


In the slayer bounty, you may also need to pay attention to the following informations:


1.Tasks in Slayer bounty can only be obtained from Mandrith.


2.Slayer tasks from Mandrith must be completed in the Wilderness, including its underground parts.


3.In the Slayer bounty, you must complete your tasks at hand before you can get a bounty.


Wilderness Shared Loot Table


The wilderness shared loot table has been updated to include items that were previously only available through bounty hunter.


These items and their drop rates are listed below:


Wilderness Hilt - Rare
Adrenaline Crystal - Uncommon
Preserved Meat - Common
Fremennik Equipment Patch - Uncommon
Revenant Drop Enhancer - Rare
Bloodweed Seed - Uncommon
Brawling Gloves – Uber Rare


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