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News.Learn OSRS Zalcano improvements & Prifddinas Changes

This week sees the release of feedback changes following the Song of the Elves quest release.Zalcano's reward calculations have now been improved, which is made to improve the fairness of the reward system. Additionally, other changes have been made to Prifddinas OSRS.

Improvements to Zalcano's Reward Calculations

Players who contribute a fair amount now receive a drop on Zalcano's better loot table. The quantities of items received scale based how much they have contributed. Everybody above a certain threshold of contributing will also have a chance of receiving any of the unique drops, including the pet. This chance scales based on much a player has contributed. The MVP still receives Zalcano's additional drop, but from the "lesser" drop table - closing the previously wide gap between the highest contributor and everybody else. This design is aimed to maintain the incentive to be the highest contributor but improve the fairness of the system.

Changes to Prifddinas OSRS

1.A crystal impling will no longer hide away between some trees in Prifddinas.
2.You can no longer remove bonds from the pouch while in the Gauntlet.
3.Players can now make crystal harpoons through crystal singing provided they have the correct items to make it.
4.Three chinchompas have escaped from Gwenith and the remaining spawns have been moved slightly.
5.You can now trade noted seeds with Pennant.
6.Pennant now has a 'don't ask again' option.
7.The Prifddinas gardener has regained his sense of direction and now properly describes his north and south allotments.

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