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News. Learn OSRS Crystal Armour Details

Today,We will provide you some OSRS Crystal Armour informations,Please pay close attention on here now.


Crystal Armour is a new armour set which is designed to compliment the existing crystal weaponry. The armour will consist of three pieces, a helmet, a chestplate, and platelegs. Equipping the items in this set will require 70 Defence and 50 Agility.


A Crystal armour seed can be combined with Crystal shards to create the pieces of the new Crystal Armour set. Crystal shards are another new item that players will be able to obtain by completing various activities in Prifddinas, including the Gauntlet. Crystal armour seeds will be tradeable but Crystal shards and the armour itself will not.


Below are the requirements to create Crystal Armour,Players who do not meet the level requirements will be able to pay an elf in Prifddinas to create the armour for them. This will cost 60 Crystal shards per piece of armour.


Item Crystal armour seeds Crystal shards Smithing Level Crafting Level
Crystal Helmet 1 50 70 70
Crystal Platelegs 2 100 72 72
Crystal Chestplate 3 150 74 74
Total 6 300 - -


Like other crystal equipment, Crystal Armour will degrade. However, unlike other crystal equipment, its stats won’t degrade as it does. Each piece of Crystal Armour will degrade back into a Crystal armour seed after 2,500 hits are taken. The Crystal shards used to create the armour will not be reobtained.


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