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News.Learn Changes to OSRS Song of the Elves& More with Update Aug 22

This week sees the release of separate K/D ratios for PvP worlds and Bounty Hunter. There are also updates to slashing webs and some Song of the Elves feedback changes.Here you can learn the detailed information.

Kill/Death Ratios

PvP worlds and Bounty Hunter worlds now have their own K/D ratios distinct from Wilderness kills. The notice board on the north side of Edgeville bank will show your K/D ratios and those of nearby players.

Web Slashing

Any weapon with a slash bonus now has a chance to slash through a web. Previously, only knives and certain types of sword could cut through webs, usually giving a 50% chance, or 100% for the Wilderness swords. Now any weapon with a slash bonus can do it, with the success rate depending on the weapon's slash bonus. No weapon's chance to slash through webs has been decreased by this change.

Changes to OSRS Song of the Elves

1.Iorwerth Dungeon Creatures
The bloodveld and nechryael within the Iorwerth dungeon have been replaced by their mutated and greater versions.

2.Crystal Items Changes
All Crystal items (tools, armour, and weapons) have had their maximum number of charges increased to 20,000. The Blade of Saeldor has also had the number of charges it receives per crystal shard increased to 100 (previously 25).

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