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News.Lava Lanterns Comes Back

Lava lanterns


Lava lanterns now are back and better than before, casting a luminous glow on Treasure Hunter. Catch it this time, 20,000 XP you would get. Besides, you can  buy cheap Rs Gold on runescapegoldfast through this event.


What's the time of Lava lanterns is available?

From 00:00 UTC on 30th August until 23:59 UTC on 4th September.


How does the Lava lanterns work?

Now each lantern gives 100% of the regular XP a lamp of the same size would give, plus the same amount of Bonus XP on top, that's meaning 200% XP in total.


Such as if you get 10,000 XP from a normally lamp, a lava lantern would give you 10,000 XP and 10,000 Bonus XP, a total of 20,000 XP.


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