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News.Information on RuneScape Player Owned Farm

The Player Owned Farm will be released in the first week of September 2018,From July’s Content Showcase live stream you can get more details,Now, we can provide some useful data for you,Keep your eyes on the below.


There are some available to breed in RuneScape Player Owned Farm:


1.Zygomites (Mushroom people): can be obtained from Mushroon patches, and produce Mort myre fungus, Mycelial webbing and Zygomite fruit.

2.Dragons: can be obtained from Combat.They eat meat and fish, and produce dragonhide.

3.Rabbits: can be obtained by Hunter. They eat flowers, vegetables and fruit.

4.Cows (cow; bull): can be obtained from Reward Shop, and produce milk.

5.Chinchompas: can be obtained by Hunter.

6.Chickens (Hen; Rooster): can be obtained from Reward Shop, and produce eggs.

7.Sheep (Ewe; Ram): can be obtained from Reward Shop, and produce fleece.

8.Spiders: can be obtained from Combat.

9.Yaks: can be obtained from Combat or Pak Yak pouches.


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