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News.In-game Calendar and some Patch Notes

Today,Let's learn some new information about In-game Calendar and RuneScape patch note some changes.


There is a Calendar added in-game, Alongside the Calendar is a day planner, a window you can open at anytime that will allow you to see the events going on that day, allowing you to plan your day around that accordingly!


Some patch notes this week

1.A location has been added at the end of the Solak fight, so they can return to Merethiel and Solak should a player not get transported back.

2.Fixed several typos in Hall of Memories.

3.The makeX for memory shards now use their own crafting menu.

4.There is a bank healing area added to the Thieve's guild bank.

5.In the Hall of Memories, you can complete the master clue scroll skill riddle for gathering a radiant memory as well as the Divination daily challenges for Luminous memories.

6.The Data Recovery and Guthix and the Chamber of Secrets achievements now correctly award runescore.


You can see full patch notes on there.


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