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News.Hydra Lamps Promotions in Treasure Hunt

Genie Gifts comes to Runescape. New RuneScape Treasure Hunt Promotion - is now in play until April 16. During this time, you have access to Hydra Lamp to gain an experience.


When could you join Genie's Gift promotion?

From 00:00 on Thursday, April 12 to 23:59 on Monday, April 16, 2018. You can join it to get Hydra Lamps.


Various Lights from Treasure Hunt

During the promotion of the Genie Gift Treasure Hunt game, you can win prizes including lamps of various sizes. Please note that some of the fixtures in this promotion have performed better in the past period of time. For this promotion, they will give XP full strength.


Prismatic Lamps

Hydra Lamps

Smouldering Lamps

Dark Lamps

Bright Lamps

Celebration Lamps


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