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News.How to Training Training Rs in Agility?

Today, Runescapegoldfast.com share to Runescape players how to training Agility in RS. Reading the details below!


Level 1-25

With one level of agility, you have only one course, the Gnome Stronghold Agile Course. This is the best place to train your agility up to 25. You have to complete this course 91 times to achieve 25 agility. There is no need for food here because you can not fail any obstacles. Be sure to take a break in the training, because it will be the most boring part of the long time. Before you know, you will have 25 agility!


Level 25-35

Congratulations to 25 Agile! At this point you now have two options: you can stay at the Gnome fortress, train to level 35, or you can play mini game Skullball, which provides a good agile experience.


If you decide to stay at the Gnome Fort, you will have to complete the course 169 times. However, you may be more likely to complete the course than to miniature games because of the less involved in thinking.


If you choose to play Skullball, you have to complete Fenkenstrain's biological quest. Food is recommended to lower levels of players because there are monsters near the entrance to the course. However, the course itself has nothing to hurt you. The goal is to take as little time as possible for the skull to pass through all the basketball. If you can finish in less than four minutes, you will get 750xp. Within four minutes every few seconds you will lose about 10xp. If you can try to get 750xp of space each time, then you only need to do about 20 times the course.


Level 35-40

At this point, you can visit a new agile course, barbarian outpost. You may want to bring some food because you can now fail the barrier, which will hurt your 2-5 points. This course is relatively fast and takes 30-45 minutes to upgrade. You need to do 281 times to reach 40 agility, but so much rest, you can even play more Skullball.


It is recommended that you wait until 40, and then continue to the next step Agility Arena. These levels will allow you to complete all the obstacles.


Level 40-52

These agility will be the most interesting and you will have the training agility. You can finally make full use of agility. Go to Brimhaven's Agile Arena, carrying 500gp, some delivering runes, and many cakes. You will need about 200 tickets if you turn 100 times to get an extra experience. You're almost there!


If you feel that you fail too much, you can go back to the barbaric sentry post training. However, once the 45 level, it is strongly recommended to use the arena, because the experience is quite fast.


Level 52-70

The wilderness course is your best choice because Brimhaven is not so fast. The problem with this course is that you have to pay attention to PK'ers. Make sure you only have food and light weight, worthless items. Each run can get 571.5 experience. So, after 1000 times the course, you will have 70 agility.


Level 70-99

It sounds like a lot of work, and it really is. Ape Atoll is your best agile course now. At 70-75 level, you will not fail too much, once you hit 75, you will not fail at all. This means an incredible experience from 75 to 99. For this course, you should bring super energy potions and a knife. When you are in good health, use a knife on a nearby pineapple for food or steal from a nearby stall. From 70 agility starts about 21202 turns after you will reach 99 levels. For your master of achievement came to agile master.


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