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News.How To Steal from the sleeping dragon?


Do you want to get more coins in the RS? Following us, now we will share the skills how to steal from the sleeping dragon.

Enter a new cross-country lair with a sleeping dragon, practice your thieves, but be careful not to awaken the dragon because you are from their booty piles, these people are sleeping, otherwise they will hit you!


Ready to beat, the lowest level 63 Thieving and 63 Agile. The required thieves and agile ranges will be similar to the "dragon dragon" fighting level, such as Green Dragon, you will need 63 thieves and 63 agile to achieve them and deprive them from them. At the beginning there will be green, blue, red, black, bronze, iron, steel and black stone dragon, there may be other dragon, including stick, runes, dragon, cream, silver, gold and other future added dragon.



Loot will be consistent with the type of dragon, and can include dragon, dragon bones and dragon animals, can be used in herbal color dragon, can also come from the superimposed and will melt metal dragons into the coffee shop blacksmith, coins, Eggs, pets, armor and weapons through the previous adventurers were beaten, the dragon teeth used to get a new necklace, you can enhance the style of your choice of fighting, dragon claws can use chisels to generate dragon arrows and precious stones, precious stones and jewelry, There are other practical items, including rare reduction items.


The dragon will wear a new area, not where you are used to fighting, but a dragon in such a need to agile to achieve the cave in the mountains.

Look forward to an exciting scene, including the dragon flying into your dragon cave, eating sheep, attacking the dangers of daring technology, and then addicted to a lot of values ??to sleep.

Those who dare to enter the Longshan people will have a great return, and from the rest of the dragon stand out!

Compared with the 99 level, the fighting level higher dragon it?

Answer: thieves and agile levels must be adjusted to health.

There are several ways to do this.


As long as the realization of "thieves and agile" level of the required size, so if a green dragon needs 61 stealing and agility, a blue dragon may need 63 thieves and agility, a bronze dragon may need 65 thieves and agility and so on. Not set on the stone, you can adjust to any of the most suitable.

The other will be to enhance the number of players skills, which may be created from the dragon to work, and its power is not too much, I do not want to upgrade anywhere can run, because it may make Experience is out of balance.


I think another solution can work well, it's a low-level dragon from the thief, you can release a chance to relieve the higher stages of the dragon. Once you get, you will use a project that can then be removed from the more impressive range of dragons, as well as items.

So for example, you may need to get a project from the green dragon to guide you to unlock, and be able to win in the next higher level of the dragon, it will be blue dragon, fighting level of 74, and so on.

A Red Dragon combat level 84 will leave a specific thing that will unlock this

Bronze dragon fighting level 86 and so on.


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