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News.Golden Glow In Runescape & Cheap Runescape Gold on Runescapegoldfast



It's time for Runescapegoldfast to share the latest news to Runescape players. The Golden Glow is coming on Treasure Hunter. Remember to buy cheap Runescape gold on runescapegoldfast.com.


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What's the time of Golden Glow?

Wednesday 10th October at 00:00 GMT (Game time) - Monday 16th October at 23:59


What can we acquire through Golden Glow?

You can win only yellow rarity prizes or better on Treasure Hunter through this activity!  That's right! This week the Golden Glow magic has started, and you will see all white prizes on the ticker be replaced with yellow prizes! Continue playing and you may see all the prizes on the ticker go up to a minimum of orange rarity, or even a minimum of red rarity.


Okay, that's all about it, the Golden Glow is started now, have you buy Rs gold in advance? Using the coupon 'runescape3' to get extra 5% gold. Come to runescapegoldfast.com now!