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News.Going OSRS With Runescape’s Deadman Tournament

This summer, RuneScape entered the old school with their Deadman race. The last few dead people met their last man in Burbank this weekend and stood on their own.

The older version of RuneScape used may be one of the most familiar versions of the game, returning to the early FTP MMO heyday. So this should be familiar with the field, even if you have not hit the game for about a decade - due to the update of Menaphos, it got the latest remodel, but this is not the version of this weekend.


2,000 dead participants died in order to get $ 20,000 in prize money. The game was chaired by Mods Archie and Shauny, who chaired by PureSpam and Skiddler.


Deadman Mode is a new PvP model that turns the entire Old School RuneScape into a battlefield, where XP is very fast and participants can build their adventurers into a mighty warrior with more than 2,000 Deadman Mode players worldwide competition. You can find out more about Deadman here.


This program is a short, momentous violence in about 45 minutes, but has some charm on RuneScape, even for a large scale free. It's funny hell, watching the last few minutes of the e-sports tournament, limited animation, almost no drama, and the last two faces.


If you want to play, you can catch the ball on Twitch.


Deadman's last hour is an absolute madman, but what else would you expect from a man's fight in 2000? The guild played a role in Deadman, during which a guild managed to make it absolutely the best. To the end of the worst PVP fight, it comes down to the reign of terror. RoT from about 70 players down to 44, lost less than half of the results. It really drives his point of view, that Deadman is not a place for solo players, but because the guild is legal, so there is not much to do. Since then, this is a massacre, ANONYMOUSE00 win. He has won RoT, so here there is not much unease, but still a fight to hell.


With the summer finals coming to an end, the dead fall has already begun and the game has changed. Now, the contestants have to deal with the daily XP hat, so even the most casual solo player, you can win in the last hour of the 20,000 US dollars in prize money. Other changes to Deadman fall include a buff for a normal spelling book, a one-minute grace period considered reasonable, and a higher rebuild XP rate.


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