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News.Gain XP in Heat wave

Pay more attention, RuneScape fans! With the release of the Runescape Lumbridge Crater Beach Party, there will be two heat waves later this month. There is only one thing on the weekend - playing the beach! We ignored the thermometer and let XP traffic so much.



? Heat wave Weekend 1:12:00 UTC, August 11 - August 14, UTC

? Heat wave Weekend 2:12:00 UTC, August 25 - August 28, UTC



During these weekends, do not need any items to reset your hat - just train your favorite Lumbridge Crater Beach Party event (although you do not need to reset the upper limit, but if you wish - if you are adding "Bronted" or " Sunburned "title, you can still do it.) Do not miss the fun of the sun. And glow with the glory of XP gains.


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