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News.Fossil Island Adventurer Guide and Cheap RS Gold

Do you like adventure? The Fossil Island comes to Old School Runescape. If you want  to be a adventurer in OSRS. Come to Fossil Island and remember to buy cheap RS Gold on runescapegoldfast.com.


Volcanic Mine

If you like to take a risky place, then that's where you are. The magnificent arch cave is a glittering cave picturesque rear projection, and you and your friends can take the time to dig out the special rock fragments for ore trading. First, make sure you have 180 Kudos and 50 mines. If you die in the mine, we have a person who will retrieve your items and keep them when you come back, but any irons will lose their status.


Underwater adventures

Everyone likes to go diving, surrounded by the unique coral reefs of the fossil island you have the opportunity to sit behind the closet that old fish helmet to escape, to explore a new environment. Fortunately, the mermaid living in the area seems particularly useful if the air is low and will return to your surface.



Of course, no one adventure is done without death with some monsters fighting. Curators from the Varrock Museum have found three new varieties of wyverns, which are believed to have been extinct.


Fossil Island


Fossil Island has too many activities to mention in a guide, but here is a list of other activities you can find.

1.        Help museum staff, give them some needed facilities, and use your construction skills to help build camps.

2.        Clean your fossil discovery and add it to the new floor of the Varrock Museum.

3.        Make a bird's trap, fill with seeds, wait for a disgusting lovely badminton to be brutally murdered so that you can collect feathers.

4.        Track a new type of beast, part of the animal, part of the plant. It strolling through a wide range and it may be difficult to follow the mushroom forest. Once you find and shock the beast and harvest it, you can freely grow new herbs.

5.        Any fossil left in your activity can be chemically treated in a muscle cell pool and converted to rich bones. These can be used on other parts of the island to get prayer XP.

6.        If you are boring on the same old tree, catch the sulliuscep mushroom on the island's dangerous tar swamp. It will not re-grow in the same place, as a mushroom, it will pop up other parts of the swamp.


In addition to the museum's show, there are many fossils used on the island, but we are looking for a particularly impressive fossil reconstruction at the museum because they will need a lot of rare fossils. So save your rare fossils until we build support for the new monitor.


Hope this could help you to learn more about Fossil Island, buy cheap Runescape gold and start your adventure in Fossil Island. Don't forget to use the 5% extra coupon code "runescape3". Wish you good luck!